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Xiety - زايتي 429


About Xiety - زايتي

I’m a self-based rapper/music producer. did some remixes in the beginning of my career like 3ayz Fin by Marwan PabloNatas by Mousv) , I did music production for Wegz in the song Bnya. then I started my rap career with the track “Space Mode” and started to focus on myself by releasing original tracks since then. My original tracks (Space Mode – Awham – Inside Liquid – Trap Paradise – SMOKE GAS – Mngher Homom) and I did a collaboration with 2 artists and 2 producers first one is El Sayd Agamy in the track “Wavy Stars” which was produced by me and the second one with R-RHYME in the track “Mazda” which was produced by DARK and the latest collaboration with Click Clack that he produced the music of the track Eslam Al Marg.