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About X-Cops

What would be cooler than a bunch of cops playing kick-ass rock and roll?

This question, asked by Pete Lee on the set of Skulhedface, would find an answer with X-Cops.

A side-project of thrash metal band GWAR, The X-Cops were a group of corrupt police officers that played hardcore punk with lyrics about police brutality. Every core member of GWAR had a role in X-Cops and they would usually pull double duty, as X-Cops was the opening act for GWAR’s 1994-1995 tours.

The X-Cops were lead singer Sheriff Tubb Tucker (Casey Orr), lead guitarist Sgt. Al Depantsia (Pete Lee), rhythm guitarist Lt. Louie Scrapinetti (Mike Derks), bassist Patrolman Cobb Knobbler (Dave Brockie), and drummer Cadet Billy Club (Mike Dunn). Alongside the main band were “auxiliary officers” Sgt. “Zipper Pig” Zypygski (Bob Gorman), Mountain Bike Officer Biff Buff (Brad Roberts) and Detective Phillip McRevis (Dave Musel).

Following the release of You Have The Right To Remain Silent… in 1995 and a headlining tour, the line-up shuffled. The band’s final release, 1996’s Beat You Down featured Brad Roberts taking the role of drummer, as well as the first song that featured Mike Derks on lead vocals. The group dissolved soon afterward, only returning for a one-off reunion at the 2013 GWAR-B-Q.

Prior to Dave Brockie’s death in 2014, Pete Lee was in the process of writing material for a potential new X-Cops album. Brockie’s death left the future of the album uncertain. A few of the songs have since been recorded and released by Lee and his band, The Death of Rock N Roll.

The Dave Brockie Experience, another GWAR side project, was known to play X-Cops songs at their concerts.

The X-Cops concept would be revisited in 2020 on GWAR’s YouTube channel as a recurring skit in their monthly Undead From Antarctica show.