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About ​​usedcvnt

usedcvnt is a Breakcore, Jungle, and Drum & Bass artist which location, birthdate and real name are unknown.

usedcvnt started posting about their songs on Tiktok after they uploaded their debut single “sorry mom, i’m making breakcore xd” on November 30, 2022. A video in which they shared their first song and asked for opinions, suddenly went viral, gaining over 720 hundred likes.

Even though they have received a lot of praise from fans, they are often criticized because their tracks are often tagged as “generic” “boring” and their artist name is similar to Sewerslvt’s. Still, usedcvnt managed to get over the hate and released two more tracks before the release of their debut EP: “wonderfulcore”.

wonderfulcore, released January 6, 2023, features a soft Drum & Bass style and uses elements of Ambient.
Some spoken words are also used in the project’s production.