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The Uncluded

About The Uncluded

The Uncluded is a collaboration between New York underground rapper Aesop Rock and anti-folk singer Kimya Dawson.

The pair had known each other for several years before collaborating. They met in 2007 when Aesop sent Kimya fan email. They became friends and worked together on the art-and-oddities blog 900Bats a few years later. This collaboration led to them working on music together. Aesop featured on several songs on Kimya’s 2011 album Thunder Thighs and Kimya featured on Aesop’s 2012 song “Crows 1”.

The Uncluded released their debut album, Hokey Fright in 2013. The album spans across multiple genres; exploring the combination of indie-folk/anti-folk with rapping and drum machine beats. The album also explores a variety of topics ranging from sandwiches to the death of a close one. As a part of a 2013 Rhymesayers Entertainment video series, Aesop joked:

Hey, you wanna see two crazy people try to figure out what the fuck’s going on everyday while supplying no actual answers?

The name for the group comes from the book Imaginationally: Michael’s Lovable Fun of Dictionaries by Michael Bernard Loggins, which features a collection of made-up words and definitions:

Unclude, V. Keeping things you don’t appreciate out of your life.
Ex: I drinked milk once in my life and it made me real sick. so for now on I will remember to unclude milk from my diet like forever.