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Survive Said The Prophet

AKA: SSTP and サバプロ (Sabapuro)

About Survive Said The Prophet

Survive Said the Prophet (commonly known as “SABAPURO”) was formed in Tokyo, Japan in August 2011. The group is the successor to YesterdayFall, Yoshiya (Yosh) Morita’s previous band. In fact, SABAPURO was founded alongside two of YesterdayFall’s other alumni, Takuya Suzuki and Kei Tatsuno, but the two left shortly after its founding. The band now consists of Yosh on vocals, Ivan Kwong on guitar, Show (Sho Okada) on drums and scream, and Tatsuya Kato on bass. The previous scream and bassist Yudai Kato left in April 2021.

The band is most notable for their songs used as anime opening and ending themes, including “found & lost” and “red” as the first opening and second ending of Banana Fish. Their most popular song, “MUKANJYO”, was used as the first opening of Vinland Saga season 1.

A majority of the band’s songs are in English, as at least Yosh and Ivan are fluent in the language. A prime example is the 2020 studio album Inside Your Head, which features almost entirely English songs with the exceptions of aforementioned “MUKANJYO” and “Bridges,” which are only about half English.