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About SUGR?

Steven Suptic (SUGR?) is a multi-talented producer, comedian, cinematographer, streamer and former YouTuber.

Suptic was born on February 6th, 1993.

Steven first became known for his comedic personality and video gameplay on his YouTube channel “MlgHwnT,” where he grew as a Minecraft YouTuber, collaborating with such personalities as SkyDoesMinecraft, Markiplier, Gizzy Gazza, etc.

Over the years, he outgrew this phase of his career, and instead began to work with more professional YouTube channels such as Super Panic Frenzy and Sourcefed.
Both channels, originally owned by YouTuber Philip DeFranco, then Discovery, would later be cancelled.

After losing his job at Sourcefed along with many of his former co-workers, he uploaded “Sourcefed Is Cancelled.” to his channel, and thus began his unplanned series of comedic, vlog-style parodies that would later become “Alternative Lifestyle,” under the channel that would later become “Sugar Pine 7.” (However, he had previously uploaded a few videos that shared the same style as Alternative Lifestyle.)

Sugar Pine 7 was essentially an overnight success, and did not consist of Steven alone. While it did initially follow his life after Sourcefed, and was originally labelled “The Steven Suptic Experience,” Steven had many others that came and went from this crew.
Steven’s best friend Clayton James, musician and YouTuber known as “Cib” was quick to become a recurring character in Steven’s videos.
Shortly after entered former Sourcefed employee James DeAngelis: someone whom Steven hadn’t known very well until after the closure of the news-based company.
It also consisted of others such as Parker Coppins; known as “ParkerGames” on YouTube and his Disney XD series, “Parker Plays.”
Autumn Farrell, who later became the head editor of the channel, yet still portrayed a recurring main character in the series.
James Allen McCune; famous actor known for his roles in such films as: The Walking Dead, Blair Witch, Shameless, and Days Gone. He became a producer for the Sugar Pine crew after appearing in the series on multiple occasions.
Mimi Torres, voice actress in such projects as Fallout 4, World of Final Fantasy, Sleeping Dogs, and Haikara-San: Here comes Miss Modern. She was also a producer for SP7.
While these are the most notable characters from the Sugar Pine 7 group, there were many other participants, characters, and crew-members along the way.

Sugar Pine 7, in just a year, won Show of the Year at the Streamy Awards. Steven later sold the channel to Rooster Teeth, and they began to work as full-time Rooster Teeth employees, making daily content for the Sugar Pine channel.

Sugar Pine 7 also released a number of songs, and appear to still be working on new tracks, with production done by Steven himself, vocals by Clayton “Cib” James, and the occasional rap by James DeAngelis. The first works followed the same sense of comedy that the crew was known for displaying, but their later songs appear to give a serious tone, perhaps attempting to form a proper band out of the Sugar Pine group.

After only a couple of years, the channel began to lose viewers, and Alternative Lifestyle abruptly came to a complete halt on June 2nd of 2019. Rooster Teeth had dropped the channel, and, just as it started, they had all lost their jobs.

Steven began to pursue other fields. He shared small works of 3D animation on his social medias of projects that have yet to be released, and it is unclear if they are still in the works at all. However, he also shared another project of his, with his first song under the alias of “SUGR?” — “Inside My Head.” He has since added a number of songs to his discography. Steven has since also found success as a popular Twitch streamer, collaborating with various giants in the Twitch community such as Valkyrae, Hafu, Dakotaz, and many more.

SUGR? is Steven Suptic’s latest music project. “SUGR?” appears to be based on the former internet crew’s name, “Sugar Pine 7.”

Steven is a multi-talented man; from film making, comedy, animation, and as seen in this project, music production, singing, and lyricism.
His current style under the SUGR? project shows the taste of Indie-Pop with some electronic influences.

Steven currently has no plans on performing live shows as “SUGR?”, and doesn’t see himself continuing with this project in 5 years as of mid-2020.