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SixTONES 369


About SixTONES

SixTONES (pronounced “Stones”) was formed in 2015, and these diamonds in the rough pull out all the stops when it comes to entertaining their fans (“Team SixTONES”). Unabashedly unafraid of new challenges, these six incredibly talented men are more than just your typical cookie-cutter act. Melding genres and adding their own unique spice of sound, SixTONES are in a class of their own; a point they’re ready to prove to the world.

SixTONES were one of many Johnny’s Jr. groups. At the time of formation, the name was originally “Six Tones” as two separate words, which then later changed to one. The number “six” also refers to the number of members, while the “stones” potrays the members as “diamonds in the rough.”

These diamonds in the rough—leader 髙地優吾 (Yugo Kochi), 京本大我 (Taigo Kyomoto), 田中樹 (Juri Tanaka), 松村北斗 (Hokuto Matsumura), ジェシー (Jesse) and 森本慎太郎 (Shintaro Morimoto)—pull out all the stops when it comes to entertaining their fans (“Team SixTONES”). The six were originally performed as backup dancers for senior groups in 2011, and were even selected to perform on a TV drama for their seniors in 2012 (also appearing as backup dancers).

In January 2013, the group was split into a 2:4 unit with Jesse and Hokuto performing as a duo, while the other four appeared on ザ少年倶楽部 (The Shounen Club). For some time, it seemed that the group would go their separate ways, however, the group once again got together as six in 2015 to perform a cover of KAT-TUN’s “Hell No!.” Shortly after, member Taiga was cast in the Elizabeth musical and could not join in activities as the reformed “SixTONES”; he would later rejoin after a month of performing in the musical.

In 2018, with the opening of the Johnny’s Jr. YouTube channel, the group was given the Friday spot on the channel, and were also later as the first “Japanese Artist Promotion” campaign for emerging artists by YouTube. As part of the campaign, the group released their first music video of “Japonica Style.” However, it would take nearly 2 years for the group to make their official debut, with the release of Imitation Rain/D.D., a double feature alongside fellow Johnny’s Jr. group SnowMan.

In 2021, the group would release their first album, appropriately titled 1ST.