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Signs of the Swarm

About Signs of the Swarm

Signs of the Swarm (or SOTS for short) is a Slamming Deathcore band hailing from Pittsburgh, PA.

The band consists of members Dave Simonich (Vocalist), Cory Smarsh (Guitarist), Jacob Toy (Guitarist), Bobby Crow (Bassist) and Jimmy Pino (Drummer).

In 2018, Frontman CJ McCreery announced his departure from SOTS to take over for Tom Barber of Lorna Shore.

Barber left Lorna Shore to join another band, Chelsea Grin, which left a sizable hole in Lorna Shore that McCreery filled perfectly.

Improvidence vocalist Dave Simonich filled the gigantic shoes McCreery left behind exceedingly well and in June of 2018, Simonich announced he will be filling in for McCreery full time (while also keeping his other band Improvidence docile, but alive). https://www.facebook.com/305844046175908/posts/1753758914717740/

SOTS have released two full length albums. The first being Senseless Order in 2016, which featured 9 downright heavy songs with a total play time of 39 minutes. Their second full length album, titled “The Disfigurement of Existence” was released in 2017, carrying on the hard hitting album releases of 2017 with the likes of Lorna Shore, Enterprise Earth, Shadow of Intent and others. “The Disfigurement of Existence” is comprised of 10 absolutely brutal tracks for a total playtime of 46 minutes.

SOTS have toured with bands such as Ingested, Bodysnatcher, Lorna Shore, Beyond Deviation, So This Is Suffering, and many other amazing metal acts.