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Shabjdeed - شب جديد 5,011


About Shabjdeed - شب جديد

Straight out of the restless town of Kufr Aqab, Palestine, emerged a talent by the name of Abu Othaina. With his controversial takes and raw skills Shabjdeed was an instant addition to the Palestinian rap scene. After gaining traction from his self-titled track, he caught the attention of Al Nather, a local producer, and worked with him to create the alter-ego Shabjdeed; an act that can easily be considered one of the most influential and popular in the region. The duo developed their own niche dark hip-hop and trap style combining Shabjdeed’s nihilistic and daringly personal delivery style with Al Nather’s colourful and rhythmic instrumentals. From the beginning they have been able to build a dedicated fanbase, grossing over 1.5 million total streams on Soundcloud across two years whilst only relying on word-of-mouth advertisement.

Shabjdeed’s notable excellence has allowed him to work alongside Ma3azef and to feature in the Boiler Room’s Palestine Underground documentary alongside various other publications including The Independent UK, Mille, the 405 and the BBC. He has also performed in Cairo, Amman and Haifa to name but a few locations.

Currently Shabjdeed is sitting on countless hits and dropped his debut full-length album “Sindibad el Ward” with Al Nather in the summer of 2019. Album that represents a milestone both for BLTNM Records and for the independent Arabic music scene.