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セラニポージ (Serani Poji)

About セラニポージ (Serani Poji)

Serani Poji (セラニポージ) is a Japanese pop group, describing themselves as “made from happiness, miracle, mysterious, cake, strawberry, candy, funny, sweet drink, twinkle-star, perfume, teenage, youth, love, lover, milk tea, cafe au lait…and many many wonderful things!”

Serani Poji was originally created in 1999 to provide songs for the Sega game ROOMMANIA#203, in which “Serani Poji” is the name of a fictional pop singer. Tomoko Sasaki (ササキトモコ) handles composition, keyboards, and lyrics. Vocals for 1999’s manamoon were handled by Yukichi (ゆきち), a member of CECIL. Yumi Higashino (東野佑美) then took over as vocalist beginning with 2002’s one-room survival.

The group went on hiatus after 2004 but resumed activity in 2009. A new album, MERRY GO ROUND JAILHOUSE, was released on March 3, 2010, with vocals from Sasaki herself.