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About SaxONLY

SaxONLY is an artist hailing from the border of NSW and VIC. Sax very naturally began experimenting with music in his spare time at age 15. Initially, all his work was made by him at home in his bedroom but as he began to get the hang of the mechanics behind the music, Sax began to branch out and start developing his own signature style of music. Sax gained a fanbase early on by showcasing his well-produced and left-of-center hyper pop-influenced pop anthems on social media and ultimately became one of the first artists in the country to embrace and incorporate this international sound into his own music. Praised by tastemakers across the globe for his already well-established songwriting, Sax makes music for the everyday person with melodic memoirs that strike a note of relatability for many listeners. As his story continues to unfold while he is still at the young age of 18 it’s abundantly clear Sax is just getting warmed up.