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Öxxö Xööx

About Öxxö Xööx

In a world where the mind’s blooming seemed unreachable, this project, above all, was a means to find a reason to live according to one’s inner truth, in this limited reality, where evil is possible.
We have invented our own language coming from intuition, then we codified it and gave it rules.
This language is translated by spontaneous emotions which generate sounds; the voice, as an instrument, takes on a true importance and all the emotion is released, at first, through the choice of sounds.
This language thus allows a totally unique vision of expression.
The sounds are also developed in order to give them a meaning, and hence is a personal lexicon is created.
These words can come out of sheer intuition or have a link with existing languages.
The concept of the word Öxxö Xööx has several origins. It mixes the symbols of the yin and yang, the ouroboros and the hexadecimal system (0110 = x6 1001 = x9), the « X »s standing for the « 1 »s, which puts yet a bigger stress on the opposition with the « O ».
Each vowel has a « ¨ » sign, to render a specific accent to our language (for lack of a whole alphabet with new symbols). It is also the symbol of the duality of this universe.
Öxxö Xööx thus means the number 69, symbolising above all the desire to transform the 6 into a 9 to free the immaterial (air, gaseous state) from the empire of the materialistic (solid state and liquid) within everything of this universe, where evil is possible. To diffuse light wherever there is darkness.

It represents, the opposite forces of the world, the eternal « recurrence » (atomic recycling) and expresses a position facing the entropic paradigm of the tangible universe. To break free from all forms of limitation and alienation.
As a reflection of a world that suffers and dies a little more each and every day, Öxxö Xööx’s music is dark and sad. At the same time, it is full of hope.
Because everything goes back to light and love, inevitably. Because this world is a simply game ephemeral where we are experimenting suffering and three-dimensional existence.
For us there is no movement without a goal, and the goal is simply light, perfection, and absolute love, in the original and real dimension.
This project is like a battle, a rage which aims to free the imprisoned life, everywhere, inside and outside of the embodied being.
It is spiritual music that helps to elevate the soul to the divine (the original light), in a unique way, wild, free, and brilliant. Without prescribing to a religious practice.
The musical instruments that are used are both ancient and futuristic. It is avant-garde and experimental doom metal, with grand organs, harpsichords, string ensembles and opera, with metal and electronic music lead by the voices of Öxxö Xööx (Laurent Lunoir), Rïcïnn (Laure Le Prunenec), and the drums of Isarnos (Thomas Jacquelin).
On stage, we are made up, in costume, dressed and surrounded by sculptures with bright, blue stones.
We try to dramatize our inner truths, and our true personalities, through a tribal and telluric visual that’s come from our imagination, another reality where there is no limit.
To try to recreate the link between the earth (trapped and hacked) and true reality, to break all the walls in front of us, which encloses and limits us.
Art is magic and music is therapy for us and above all, a cure.
We created our own method of liberation, the depth of mind and beauty can make the heart beat, the intimate revolt against evil in humans is proof of one’s membership in goodness.
All of this has one purpose: to make our seed grow, to see it turn into a tree which roots will grow into the earth, who’s branches will rise high above into the heavens and the infinite universe, pure and perfect.
There was a time when we rebeled against light and shut up in a cube, it is about time we rebel against the darkness, to get out of this limiting cube and stop this game.