Daylyt vs. Tay Roc Lyrics

[Round 1: Daylyt]
If you lost faith in me (enemy) than you must no longer believe in God
Today we see the atheist in the fox hole
You know my motto (Modduo), no matter how low (hollow) Earth get I earth shit
I'm goin' straight to the core to take Roc(k)'s soul

On this hip hop road, big Glocks sold, the tool is what they hope for
But I do this
I'm in disbelief how Pistol Geek has become the folklore

Bro sure (brochure) got booked but that's where we upped the plan
What Day' jot now will break Roc(k) down, see what I'm sayin' (sand)
Every line shall (shell) sink (sync) in sonically
Today the slaves will see data (Day' to) wave as I do you foul (file)
Share, scared they'll boo you wild
Why would I play though (Plato) Cave been turned into skeptics (sketches)
Permanent flexin', dome split
Firmament exit, protect you sheeple live, peep the grid
We equal? Shit
This shit finna be a piece of cake
PizzaGate, y'all should've known I'd eat the kid
Hillary, you feelin' me?

Oh it's finna get bloody baby
I've come to kill, Columbus feel
I'm at your Plymouth, Roc(k),
with humongous steel
Quill, that's the key to 'Lyt
Smack zone, anybody who buggin' get snapped on
Rap prone to eat-a-mite (Edomite), see the light ('Lyt)?
This ain't something that any nigga should test
You get buried in caskets
Samarian tablets
What I write could lay (clay) any nigga to rest
You get the message Roc(k)?
You alright (all write) with me but it's hieroglyphics
See what I did there? Cairo physics
Even if Roc(k) try angles (triangles) he still appear a mid (pyramid) tier on stream
Don't be in denial (da Nile), all of this bread free
I know exactly why you lookin' salty, it's cause you Dead
Sea (see),
what's in my mind
And make sure the (w)hole Cave get in they feelings so quickly

Can you dig it Roc(k)?
If not I still feel ya men are all (mineral) wit' me
Oh that was cold (coal)
You see how I black Roc like the black top?

I don't just scheme so I can sound hot
By the time I show my street side you already in the ground, Roc(k)
This the nigga y'all put in front of me thinkin' he can stop Quill?
Give me some space or, glacier Roc(k), chill
Extendo, with this amount (a mount), let's see if the doc can make Roc(k) heal (hill)
Y'all trippin', shot lickin', you on your bull with the long nose
Scott Pippen (shocked) that your man died
, I'm winnin' by a landslide
It look like I done caught Roc(k) slippin'

On the first day becomin' a crackhead, I'm goin' to get Roc(k)
Second day? Unselfish crackhead, I'm comin' to split Roc(k)
Third day? Big deuce out, might have to kick Roc(k)
If I slide, my family slide behind you
You fuck with the Tik Tok
, I'm on my shit Roc
And I'm not sparin'
Today everybody dies, no ops sparin'
Hard grillin', I'ma deuce a (Medusa) nigga
If Roc starin',
it's gonna be hard to swallow this
Oh I got a reaction in the crowd? How?!

It's gonna be hard to swallow this
That's where the trust stop I dust Roc(k); archaeologist
Pistol big
I turned down how many PG's? Thirteen (PG-13), that shit for kids

{People in the building start cheering}
Let me rap my nigga!

I got paid 1.8 million dollars just to be here
Boy, you was just the bread saver
For the change, boy have I changed
Now if I sacrifice a round for some people, one of you niggas gon' be dead later
You're dead, lay there, hey there
They wanna know what I'ma do (Imadu), what I'ma say (Amazay), what I'ma wear
This was all a part of my plan
The entire internet got me winnin' that puts you under a whole lotta pressure Roc(k), but you're still gonna die man (diamond)
Shine in the ring, today all that shit stop here
Diamond shine in the ring? Yeah I'm finna beat (be) Roc(k) clear
This my year
I used to rap with a lot of space
A Lotta Zay pace, Ooops, slip with a lot of race bait
It was the prophet or the profit, either way Roc get the outta space Day'

Peak, is heavy morn (mourn?)
As I ascend you, they can pretend you God in (guidin') every storm
It's a difference
I got booked to eat and they just asked you to battle men you (menu) not ready for
Then these (Denny's) niggas come in here dyin' (dine)
Tryin' [?] take the mistake (miss steak) route
You asked for a million views, I got a mil' (meal) that'll give you a viewin'
Who in here wanna be a nigga the triggers take out?
This is food for thought, I would use the tre (tray) mind you
If we drive-thru and if the do' lock I gotta throw Roc(k)s
If I don't finish you now, a clown gettin' a to-go box
I'm too good boy
By the third round we gon' kill all that hood noise
You gon' shoot?
I am Groot, I wish you would (wood) boy
People stick wit' me
As niggas we're all cut from a different branch, nigga
Or they figure it's just the similes 'til a nigga get barked on

Shit like that is for my ministry (many street) dawgs (dogs)
Stop, whatever you had planned is not finna show
Shit lookin' real JC-ish
I'm just up here smokin' Roc(k) on the low

Stop it, ya done
You know the motto, the prophet the one
Y'all should've followed the slogan
They told you niggas, don't throw Roc(k)'s at the sun
Eastside nigga!
[Round 1: Tay Roc]
'Lyt what's up?
We surprised you ain't come dressed as a Mighty Duck
Or come in your idol's grey hoodie and call yourself "Lyted Lux"
You'se a fuckin' clone of Loaded
You even try to pen how he write it
Hey Beloved
Why don't we just call this nigga "Be-lyted"?
Hey Be-lyted, I been knew you was a clone
I was tuned in
John John, only Clone I respects in the Bull Pen
True shit
What kinda man are you?
You get on Vlad and say you wanna suck a dick in a battle
Like, who's a fan of you?
When you get drunk you don't be lookin' for pussy
He'd rather suck on a Slinky
Dawg (Dog), soon as he get a Buzz, 'Lyt (Light) be lookin' for Woody

They ain't book you a rookie
They know what I'm a do to Day' in Cali
Make the block hot
Caliente when Tay in Cali

They said I can't gun bar him to death
That ain't the case
You overslept, a little too long, this Day a waste
Aye, before you sniff coke do you say your grace?
You forgot who I am?! (IM)
You must've lost his memory, who gave Day' the (data) base?

They gave me Goodz outta the blue
"This is your king?!"
He felt the power of Wakanda
This just a reminda
If somebody gotta die, it's your candle that's gettin lit first Day'; Kwanzaa
That's some black, red and lime candles
Who try to amp you?
I should've no showed you
Told Smack, "I cancel"
If this wasn't financial, I would take a .9 handle
Gun butt
Leave Davone Campbell's mind scrambled
This faggot Davone think he a warrior
Aye y'all think Day' a knight?
My clique, Oxy morons (oxymorons), we'll catch Day' at night
I say it right?
Class in session in my classroom
As far as Daylyt? Son (sun) could eat clips (eclipse) from a half moon
I'ma SPAZ soon!
Just cause they try to hype you and I don't like you
Flashlight on top of the rifle
It's delightful
At any moment I'll make this movie scary
Kids come out
'Lyt (light) inside a bag; luminaries
If we pull up in a Honda, shit gonna get handled Accord-ingly
I'm talkin' R.I.P. shirts, iron on it, and embroidery
You toy wit' me, I'll call Tsunami, you'll get wiped out
I'll send a wave crashin'
You'll see shells around 'Lyt (light) house

Thought you'd be the champ at King Of The Dot, ha
I had high doubts
Nigga, black lives do not matter in that White House
You was better off doin' a prank, leavin' me psyche'd out
Smack, put the bat in ya hands, watch him strike out
I pull this knife out, watch Spawn get beheaded
Davone will regret it
I'ma make sure they all get the message
Buck 50, send 'em off to the medic
The way 'Lyt's (light) skin start poppin', made dark bitches jealous
Try me
Try me!
There's a price to pay
Take your life away
I'll slice 'Lyt right down the middle and leave twice a Day
I ask, "Who nice as Tay?"
And y'all called Daylyt
I'd a broad Daylight and brought Day right in front ya broad Daylyt
Real shit
Davone, get outta line, you get all hands
I'll go ape shit, swing on Davone (da vine); Tarzan
You feel comfortable with Crips behind you, you best bring 'em
Without his niggas, Davone's shyer (Devonshire) that's southwest England
I'm the king and you gon' play my way
I spray my K
Knock ya head off of your shoulders, I'll sit Day' by Day'
Tinted whip-

Tinted whip, I follow Day', right up out the bar
And I hope don't nobody tell 'Lyt (Tail light) when he right behind the car
Cause this nigga dead, right at the red light, collide wit' his car
I'm tryin' to push in ya grill and ya head light ('Lyt)

Then show up to ya funeral Day'
And tell ya family it wasn't Avocado that Ruin'ed your Day
I got a Spanish gun plug, named "Señor"
I call him like, "Send your (señor) boys some shit that come wit' a drum."
He like, "Hola."
I'm like, "Nigga, send me a more (amore) lovable gun."
I give the cue to the hitta
The nod'll (de nada) will turn into some gangsta shit
Cryin' when ya mama see the (mamacita) scene she need a handkerchief
Shit, I blew (blue) cheese on a chopper, that's cheddar spent
Swiss cheese nozzle, that's a mozzarella stick

I don't care if The prophet, the sun, I catch a case (queso), so I'ma spray that
I don't know what your favorite accessory is on a gun but mine a ray (Monterey) Jack
You Tom Hanks
All I'm tryin' to say that
You gon' end up in a Cast, Away from home and have to find your way back
Boy, it's only about thus far I could trust y'all
I'll get you set up to catch a Hollow, just like Lux when they did the trust fa...
Five goons hop outta one car
I scream, "THAT'S LIGHT ('Lyt)!"
They don't know if I seen him or said a gun bar
Jump off
Only person gon' stop me, gon' be God
If you in here actin' like you a nigga that got me raw
I'll show up to your front porch, squeeze numbs
Run in the spot, boy, I'll give Day' the Mac better than Steve Jobs
Home invasion
With an AK, cause a melee
Torture him, boy I'll pull an all nighter tryin' to break Day'
If I gotta wait for Day' I guess we gon' be all night
Ain't no almost, we gon' fight
Dance game at the arcade, I will put hands and feet on light ('Lyt)
He gon' watch everything blackout after I put this knee on (neon) light ('Lyt)
You one of them goofy ass clown niggas
They only wanna hear light ('Lyt) bars when my round finished
Light bars

[Round 2: Daylyt]
Mr. Big Clip wit' the big drip
Oh he focused he so consistent
This who we applaud?
You know species who don't like to evolve have no existence
That's why when y'all tell me he's a legend I say, "What the fuck for?"
You wanna know what's ironic?
How you the face Roc(k) when you ain't in the conversation of Mount Rushmore
Let me explain (X plane), like a Logan flight, oh you board the plight
Well you'se a brave man
How does it feel to be in a parallel universe when you do the verse?
For example, how you deface Roc(k) when you're not in the conversation of Mount Rushmore
And yet you the Cave man

Oh I get it, you like to stick to the fire
Well this is lighter (Lyt'er) fluid writer, don't try to do this
This is facts
You would (wood) box with the fire like this a match on a tinder site
Why sleep on a fire round when it ain't a slumber night?
You know it's the simple laws of cookin' in the wild
Roc(k) will always be under light ('Lyt)
By the third, Roc(k) shall (shell) be boxed in
Here we can learn the Flat Earth Theory confirm
Or the man gifted, can' lifted
Hold up, scroll up, as I break Roc(k) right down
It might sound like everything I'm sayin' scripted

Encrypted since I was born
Seen (C) Day
' in 2020, I guess it's the place to freeze greatness
A God, y'all wait (Yahweh) for me, pray for me
Bleed Grape, I just need space to create this
World when (whirlwind) Roc(k) swirl in
As I black, hold (hole) on while I soil his (solar) system
It's more shit to see
What more I can do?
When I line plan it (align planet) in every round
I must remind him of everything they still (steal) or bit (orbit) from me
Simply, Con' still ate (constellate) from my rhymes that they
Slow It Down now is what I tried first
I ain't see no media writin' (meteorite) comments (comets)

So in order for me to become a star I had to create a disguise (da skies) burst
Was wise first
Like, "'Lyt you showed your anus (Uranus), mooned the world
Almost divide turf
But(t) the way I write I know I could murk you read (Mercury) the lyric
You'll hear it, a queer is what I put inside her
Went and got a deal, aN EP
Tuned (Neptune) up with assigned work
Married my wife, sat her in (Saturn) the ring, with a live church
They told you put in her (Jupiter) in somethin' that drive first
Now the garage look like a V nest (Venus), the drive hurt
Moral of the story is, I switched it up, got on smart time
Now the whole Galaxy Watch-in', clockin'
Told you, shit gon' be a lot different when you and I verse (universe)
To start it all, it's time I go at him (atom)
Scatterin', Tay get struck
Recall fluid, he gon' shatter
Matter of fact this the crux
See stars groovin', I'm serious (Sirius)

We all evolved in the midst flamin'
Roc, you knew I could rock (croc) before the abyss my exist came in (Caiman)
If you're aimin' to pull my Watts card
Let's take it back to when I first became a pop star
I was Big Bangin'
I sonned (sun-ed) all, but still planted (planet) seed
Granted (granite) if beasts came around they heard (herd) stock
Herbs get herds cropped
Birds flock, blocked vision; Bird Box
Earth curved plots
I respect it, man listen
My mission is to protect the land
Any nigga who disrespect the third Roc(k)
Yellin', "We goin' global."
Scalin', tell 'em, "All shall be murked."
'Kay, the map (mercator map) project whatever you plan, neglected

Get split by the man, see ya
When the camera pan; G up (Pangaea)
Told you, everything that land connected

But today I'm in a divine (Davone) state
Hi Drake, let me hydrate
Electro-Lyt protected by the divine
Never devise great
While I (wild eye) state
They dilate or die late

You can't violate the violator
Wale lookin' wild late
Bars like that got 'em movin 'cross the world
The fans screamin', "Oh my, great." (migrate)
I know, mad (nomad), ain't it?
Give your second a second shot I shall (shell) compact
Hell come
It's hell P
There's literally nothing you can do to help him Smack
When the cell come, they'll come rap
But they all have Free Will to be killed
This how these kids feel when it's a welcome (whale come) back
It's over Roc(k)

Welcome Smack
Work pants, they'll come slack
Land crazy, check out the acre size
Fade, taper guy
You asked for high smoke until you get vaporized
[?], I mean I can rock
Believe It Or Not a nigga finna get ripped, please (Ripley's)
Stop Roc
Stretch, landscape, get the photo y'all
When you're this good you gotta be the protocol (pro to call)
Cut it, lacerated
Promise, the pen to end the Ramadan
Wouldn't leave him this fascinated (fast and ate it)
Jurassic, ain't it?
Get your rap tore (raptor) Roc(k)
It's the Stone Age
Zone raised, dirt buyers and Earth sires
Cave men will go extinct and Roc(k) will too, when the first fire
It's the jungle
Get put in the dirt Roc(k), we could rumble (crumble)
I craft rounds out of (outer) space flight
Alienated, sons (suns) you never saw, sir (saucer) be humble
Y'all should fear me
This my shit, I rehearse with caution clearly
You are now watchin' a man go ape shit
I have reversed the Darwin Theory

In theory all you nigga's writin' suck
Been in the ceiling, hiding, stuck
Get put in Hell dirty, you heard me, bite the dust
In order for you to get to this God level you gotta tighten (Titan) up
You see R.I.P., I could rip (Crip) cats
I'm so loc

Scare raps
I dare (D.A.R.E.) cats
You don't want no smoke

I'm married to this game
Who could beat me in the ring?
Not a single person, I win crystal clear

In this case, niggas get erased when they face this up here (disappear)
I go in your pocket once, in your pocket twice
Remarkable how I test the geek
TEC's will squeak
He thought he was gonna recover and got an extra sheet
Ya just dead
One to ya gums, ya mouth will be Big Red
Hit your bitch head, she got riddled with bullets for runnin' the wrong way
She was misled (Ms. Lead)
And you? Get hit with a lot of .9's
That top tier (tear) feel different when it's ya mama cryin'
Bitch get shot too, now y'all equally in the hospital, trauma ties (traumatized)
The prophet, the son
I am the one, you should've followed the motto
They told you niggas, don't throw Roc(k)'s at the sun
Eastside, nigga

[Round 2: Tay Roc]
Hey 'Lyt
There's some things I just can't understand you come at me with tranny "rumors" and there's footage of you sayin' you'll fuck a man
Watch yo' fag mouth
You talk about bein' at a celebrity house wit' yo' ass out right there on Vlad couch
Crips don't allow that type of shit at the function
You said you wanna fuck Diddy, which is disgustin'
You said while all the celebrities watch you wanna be the bitch Diddy fuckin'
Then you said you ain't never lie in yo' life to end the discussion
If Diddy seen that interview, from the game you instantly blackballed
He don't care about that
He just care about Diddy black balls
Look at me
Tell your son (sun), you ain't got nothin' to hide Day'
Then go outside with the rest and protest, show ya pride, Day'
You wore a pink dress and diss Young Thug? You outta place
Dressed up as a slave at King Of The Dot, get out our race
You better watch what you do, there's some shit you can not erase
This is what "Weird As Fuck" would look like if it got a face
I already knew what this would lead to one day
They said, "Yo you got 'Lyt in L.A.! You bet' not even come play!"
You know what I told 'em?
I don't give a fuck if we on the west I came dressed to impress
All the way from the east to (Easter) son Day' (Sunday)
He wit' gun play
Reach for the banger and I'ma pop him
Body me?!
Y'all think he able? I gotta stop him
Smack, he can't eat wit' the label, that's how I'm rockin'
No thanks, givin' (Thanksgiving) Day' a seat at the table
Is not an option
You wanna make this a fight?
Take some advice
Watchin' ya son (sun) bein' born, you better give us the best Day' of your life
I ain't takin' him light
And if I gotta swing, by whatever means
I'll have y'all lookin' at the worst Day' you ever seen
Let me hear that you got work that you sell a fiend
I'ma have you comin' off of the pack; cellophane
I'm hella mean
You really should've called off this truly
Disney channel
Facts, I watch Mickey dog walk this Goofy
Spooky, put shells in an Eagle, I'll load it on ya
Then give a cat this (cactus) out the Desert, it ain't holdin' water
Fuckin' wit' Dracula, you gonna need some holy water
Soon as you try some shit on this stage; Total Slaughter
I'm Restoring Order
You think that Rock, Paper, Scissor shit is cute
Boy, I don't play Rock, Paper, Scissors
I play Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot
This the truth
What I got in this stash
You gotta surpass
I'm too far ahead of Day', light ('Lyt) years away
I'm not in your grasp
I'm outta ya class
Shotty will blast ya body in half
Somethin' Brightburn
Shoot the eyes of 'Lyt outta the mask
Body ya ass!
Smack, I'm forced to make an arrangement
This is how I torture Day' in the basement
Got a scope on it, but I gun butt him until of course it basically breaks it
Now I got no handle, just the lens
Morpheus shades in The Matrix
Tay really dangerous
Crazy, belong in a padded room
This 12 aim in the middle of Day'; afternoon
This cat a goon? Why?
Cause y'all know he wit' the Crips?
All that Grape Street locin' ain't legit
I'll have y'all seein' through Daylyt cause a hole is in his shit
Then toss Daylyt (daylight) in the sea, I'm makin' photosynthesis
I know you been a bitch
Never met you and you ain't never know me

We was both Dot Mobb, but we was never homies
You gonna go out like Tekashi, rattin' on hella homies
I'ma end up spendin' a year booked (yearbook), I can picture Day' (picture day) tellin' on me
You hella phony
You'd get laid out if you played wit' Roc
The way 'Lyt (light) knocked out-
Aye Craig, check the circuit breaker box
I start takin' shots
Just know it's straight without a chase
We blam TEC's
Free hand sketch, not a trace
You said meet you here, nah, let's go outer space
Put him in the Earth, liftin' heaters
Mind ya business, won't give him AR's (Mars), go intervenous (Venus)
Open ya eyes, realize, you're in the (Uranus) shit I'm plannin' for him
Cremate him
Church sat out urns (Saturn) for the family mournin'
Nigga you'll get murked
You reach I'll pull a hammer on him
Inf' beam, Jupiter, red dot plant it (planet) on him
Tripod, hi-def cannon (Canon) on him
Boy this shit hi-tec, and you can tell TEC "hi" when I blam it on 'em
Do damage on him
Boy I will grip on iron, no lyin'
Daylyt vanish behind this hoe risin' (horizon)
You was at the Chevron, I drove by him
Soon as he hit the gas, click and blast, you Mistah Fab, ya ghost ridin'
You a weirdo
Make sense why Rex and Mook wanna claim you
You wear that mask cause you ugly, not even you wanna face you
Back of the head, two slugs erase you
I stand over ya body, peel on the mask, that's a cucumber facial
I know that you hearin' me
In Cali, just know that I got loc's that's securin' me
Two .40's, one .9, ten .38's
Sound like a social security
No bit of fear in me
Fuckin' wit' Roc, he ain't here to stay
Body shot, you can see straight through, shit who clear as Day'?
You one of them goofy ass clown niggas
They only wanna hear light ('Lyt) bars when my round finish
And my rounds finished

[Round 3: Daylyt]
If anybody was gonna worry bro
You gotta watch niggas who don't fuck wit' the glory hole
In my Mook voice, "E'rybody wanna know. So here's how the story goes." hahaha
I ain't joined Dot Mobb just so I could make my name bigga
I joined Dot Mobb outta respect for Rex, Mook, Nemesis, Norms, Flamez, Q Dott, we was tryin' to make the game scrilla
Rex said, "What about Roc?"
I said, "Roc hot. But out of all the Cave he can rap too. And he never bring filler."
Rex said they got a lot in common when they rhymin', both of 'em like to aim triggers
A few years pass, I get a text from Rex he go, "Daylyt you was right and I'm ashamed nigga."
I go, "Rex what happened?"
He go, "K-Shine and Tay Roc might be talkin' to the same nigga."
I said, "Wait, wait, wait."
In the back of my mind I'm sayin' "Aw plant."
Then the picture message pop up, aww man it was all man (almond)
Everywhere, straight drenched
Then I Then I told myself "Hmmm, it all makes sense" it all makes sense
This explains why you never had none of the bitches at the kick back
Then the next battle you got on stage and said, "Niggas be sleepin' on you."
Oh you really meant that
Then you said you was in the room with it cocked in you arm, you really did that
Then you said, you be goin' in, but(t) hold (hole) on, you really wit' that
Hmmm, it all makes sense
The next bar gon' have all y'all sayin', "Stop. Whoa."
Cave Gang
Cave Gang?
A buncha niggas in Roc hole
Hmmm, it all makes sense
It all makes sense
And at that moment while you're tellin' yourself the shit should stop
You created Gun Titles
Gun Titles, guess who always behind him? Mr. Cox (cocks)
Hmmm, it all makes sense
Why you overexaggerate your masculinity to hide your feminine side with a tough flex
You named yourself "Dracula"
Dracula! I wonder what nigga you gon' suck next (necks)
Hmmm, it all makes sense
Why you took the picture with your legs hangin' out, tongue all down, in the background, man pants was hangin' up
Gay is in your bloodline
You named yourself "Dracula" holmes
Dracula home? The Trans-ylvania
Hmmm, it all makes sense
How a child outrovert can be so intricate, I demand space
A clear win(d) is what the fan's say
Man wait
All this time to make you look bitch
I got an itch to make him trans-late
Oh that was trans-cendant
You was Smack plan/vision like a backhand
But man listen, I know why your career lost drive, it was the trans-mission
And you see that I'm the realer nigga, why?
Fuck this mask, I want you to look your killer in the eyes

[Daylyt takes off his most infamous prop. His ski mask]

Y'all saw the flier, the sire back on the card, yes
Hard west
They get a dub versus a sub par bar [?] guest
All I need is a hard stretch
Bows, I ain't did this in awhile
Y'all really expectin' dawg (dog) to get to get a round? That's kinda far fetched
Ball heavy, I'm who these pups fear
When Quill shown I kill holm (home)
It's a haunted mansion with a hindsight gift
Mind like Fisk
I get a sheep a round they never heard (herd) of
Smoke, murda
You ain't never faced a nigga who could rhyme (crime) like this

It's just, y'all knew he was cooked soon as I saw Tay (sauté)
He get a double you (W), I just had to make sure my verse is straight
Purpose great but never perpetrate
Perpendicular surface, Earth is fake
You're worthless Jake
To win, whip him, what I'm sayin' is
Y'all believe these carbon copies could stop me
Who ever I battle in person ate (impersonate)
It tastes great full (grateful)
Smack! It happened, rappin' is y'all favorite nigga I figured I'd cap it
Do you know what'll happen if I chase a nigga?
You get the open hand, the fist or the deuce
Rock, paper, scis-
Man this nigga so soft I could probably take Roc's paper with some scissors
Clearly, I don't think they hear me
I said, "The nigga's so soft I could probably take Roc's paper with SZA"
Nigga, that's gonna be hard to Top

And you say, you the face of URL, they stamp you Tay
K cramp, you pay measly, Beasley hand stuck in ya pocket for profit
With every Trap you stay, Smack you say, you hope he show up armed so you can get a cut
Oh fuck, that explains why they amp you Tay (amputee)

Roc[k] wit' me, that's light? You right, I'm at (match) you
Two deuce attached to, attack to, bury, scary, Terry hacks you
I ain't ask you, y'all wanna see a Smack move
Smack move, they say, "URL only fuck with gun bars" is that true?
Cock shotty, Roc(k) body, is dat you (statue)
On the ground man, pound sprayin', right where the man standin'
K with the foldin' stock
Big hole in Roc(k), welcome to the Grand Canyon
It'll be less you if they don't ask God, bless you
I'll stretch you, Roc the plot is yoga
Oh they jot the meteorite Roc(k), got sent outer space
Why would I stress you
You don't write the shit that make niggas dome [?]
Stonehenge, can convince me that Roc(k)'s special
It's just you, who oughta check the flow Roc(k)
But damn, dam
, they say Roc(k) will be too big he got turned into Pebbles; Bam Bam
Infrared (Fred) got me feelin' like DeadShot
You sleep on The Flintstone bar I'll put one in your bed Roc (Bedrock)
Every bar, need to be tailormade
It's wizardry with the similes
You think I'ma run outta name flips?
Aw nigga I got some mo'
You in trouble then, Roc(k) bubblin' it must've been pots of dope
It's toxic yo'
Less gossip, gosh I washed Roc(k), we add lots of soap
That might be for beginners
Remember, you had that one bitch house like it was yours
Like she gave you the keys, told you to lock the do'
You said you had a yacht to show
I don't believe ya, Aaliyah couldn't get 'Roc(k) The Boat'
Dawg stop!
Ya heater spark, Linkin' Park, ya soft Roc(k)
Well let me guess, you're feelings torn
Well even if you was hard Roc(k), you're still a corn (Korn)
Big stock, aimin' high
Niggas thinkin' I'ma slip, not (Slipknot), get the gat
Five to his spine, Roc(k) better get aligned with Nickelback
I get to Smack-
Screamin' should I keep it goin'?
You should see they face
They sayin', "No way."
Beasley asked me am I prepped I said, "Yep. I just need Three Days Grace to run a cold play (Coldplay)."
You've been preppin' wrong
You wanna get to the top of the card, I gotta deck his dome
Right before I fuck Lux up, I gotta kick Roc(k) ass, I guess you the steppin' stone
This is my disguise, I'm not surprised
Glocks'll fly crazy
They said I wouldn't kill him with nursey rhymes
Kiss Roc(k)-a-bye (good bye) Baby!
I'm too gritty
I am the Punchline God
I don't care who wit' him
Big piece (peace)...that's for you Nitty (Unity)
I am the prophet, the sun
You know the slogan, they told you niggas, don't throw Roc(k)s at the sun
Eastside nigga! Fuck wrong which you?

[Round 3: Tay Roc]
Aye, battle rap is something you don't really care about much
I'm glad we don't got an audience
You don't deserve to be over here tearin' crowds up
Smack! Why you bring the square a-round us?
Michael Jackson said it best, "Day (they) ain't never care about us?"
Don't get excited
Aye, it's a funeral...and you've been invited
Revolver, disease in ya mouth; gingivitis
And you raisin' your voice, til a nigga lifeless
Aye, if Day' tone a (Daytona) little high, it better be NASCAR ticket prices
Cause I'll find out where you live and I'll cause a straight riot
Moms tied up, sock in her mouth, stay quiet
Goons put gasoline (gas or lean) on her
Boy I'll grab a lighter and hand Day light ('Lyt) it
And it's either Day' light it or they light it
You are as dumb as it gets
I am not who you wanted it with
I left Dot Mobb, you started runnin' your lips
Thought I'd fuckin' forget? I should knock out this son of a bitch
Stomp you, while you in your LA Gear, have light ('Lyt) up under my kicks
Why is y'all niggas hatin'?
I got a line of these niggas waitin'
I will black on 'Lyt (light), nothin' like discrimination
If I hear cops come to 'Lyt for some information
Yeah, this switchblade will literally, shed light ('Lyt) on the situation
All I need is one knife
And you gon' get cut in the lung twice
It cross your stomach and hits ya core (Shakur); Thug Life
Let's have a gun fight
I'm grippin' the snub tight
Pistol whip, boy I be done crack this can' on the bud 'Lyt (Bud Lite)
I said to Surf, "That nigga Crippin'. Is y'all close or not?"
He said, "That nigga a Grape Street Crip he ain't Rollin' Roc(k)."
I'll let you hold a shot when I'm firin'
Boy I will give a mil' a 'Lyt (Miller Lite) when I creep up with the .40 from be-hin' I can (Heineken) murder you
The nerve of you
They let you come back but ain't tell you what casket was still reserved for you
You get a funeral after ya life
Ya family cryin', cause in that box, you wasn't lookin' natural 'Lyt (Natural Light) I make shit hella spooky
Hop out a Jetta hooptie, skkkkrt
TEC or Uzi, point blank, hit this Grape in his apple and left a smoothie
You will wish, you never knew me
Think it's a game like Kevin Hart and get killed by Roc
You seen Jumanji: The Next Level movie
Long nose, shots fly
Intersections, cross roads
I can put these lines on 'Lyt (light) and make a barcode
Hot round, heat up his grill, you thought of charcoal
Lift the toast, here's to Day' (today) you'll be gone tomor-
I'll blow this building up, every one of y'all, 'Lyt and me
Now who said Day' could beat Roc? Enlighten me
Get hype wit' me
I'll put a hole (whole) in somethin', like his entire tee (entirety)
Have him runnin' up the steps from Roc he (Rocky) try fightin' me
Pussy, I thought you said you was Crip, why you lie to me?
You ain't never drawn no blood; Phlebotomy
Faggot, I don't like how you eyin' me
Strap in his face, I let him inspect the (Inspector) Gadget for tryin' to spy on me
I know you probably gon' mention my chain took in a robbery
I ain't pay for it back, I ain't pay for a mockery
I sent one nigga, like, "Go get what they got from me."
I got robbed and in less than 30 days got back my property
Respect? Niggas got a lot for me
Them niggas couldn't move a round with that piece without payin'; Monopoly
I show up to your front door, it better unlock for me
If not! Pops bust through the door, fuck up his privacy
The gun butt him, his legs wobbly
Got the chop on me
The tripod, turns into a standup; comedy
A star struck, when I look up to you, you inspire me
I can see, 'Lyt (light) through the scope; biology
You think he a gang, until this vampire flip and you seein' pain
I will hit his back with a Blade, Day' walk (Daywalker) will never be the same
Bars about me gettin' robbed, yeah, now they even lame
I am not your boss Rex
Them pussy niggas that robbed me could not keep my chain
Stop bein' strange
Ain't no words to be exchanged, it's time to die
I don't wanna hear, "Let me explain-"
Your casket be pre-arranged
My heater bang
Leave a stain
Only way y'all savin' Daylyt (day light) is if the season change
You one of them goofy ass clown niggas
They only wanna hear 'Lyt (light) bars when these rounds finish
Light bars

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Genius Annotation

This was Daylyt’s first battle on URL since he no-showed DNA on NOME 6 and his first battle period in over two years.
Some were surprised by this announcement since there is no backstory between Daylyt and his fellow Dot Mobb member, Tay Roc, but it didn’t matter. This battle still ended up being the highlight of NOME X with many fans saying it was best Tay Roc they’d seen in awhile and possibly the best Daylyt ever.

The night before the battle, Daylyt spoke to 15 Minutes Of Fame about how he said in all his interviews that he wanted to have “one of those battles” like JC vs. Chilla and Lux vs. Mook (the first one).


Find answers to frequently asked questions about the song and explore its deeper meaning

What have the artists said about the song?
Genius Answer

Tay Roc and Daylyt spoke to Hip Hop Is Real right after their battle to give their thoughts on this classic.

How did Daylyt write like this??
Genius Answer

Daylyt said in his interview with 15 Minutes Of Fame before the battle that once the event was changed from a big stage to no crowd it was “the best thing that could’ve happened for me” and that he then re-wrote all three of his rounds.

Who produced “Daylyt vs. Tay Roc” by URLtv?
When did URLtv release “Daylyt vs. Tay Roc”?
Who wrote “Daylyt vs. Tay Roc” by URLtv?