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Laugh N Stalk vs. Marv Won

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Mar. 24, 20201 viewer

Laugh N Stalk vs. Marv Won Lyrics

(*Laugh N Stalk plays the riff to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” on an acoustic guitar*)

[Round 1: Laugh N Stalk]
Look, if you had multiple opportunities
To beat a white guy in a rap battle
Would you lose several times?
Th-Tha-That’s the only option

Knees weak, Marv is ready
About to trade bars with Bretty
Large machete-
I’m actually totally kidding
Can you imagine, though? That’d be kinda funny…

I said, last week, I had COVID-20: that’s Corona Extra
I sneezed twice, then went to work in a stolen Tesla
This matchup is buns: it would go with ketchup
This battle feels like a Laugh N Stalk bar
Yeah, this joke’s a setup
I’m fighting family for a fee
It’ll lead to a tough loss
I know a grand is on the line, but Jesus, at what cost?
I know the stock market is crashin’...that doesn’t mean you can dump Stalk (stock)
I put Michigan rappers on the map, that’s why I’m takin’ the gloves off
Last week, they dropped Hot Ones with Detroit rapper Big Sean
Now I’m here, with Not One, Detroit snacker Big Shaw
(That’s Bar of the Tourney)
You missed the boat years ago
At this point, the ship’s docked
You’re just a watered-down version of yourself like Kidz Bop
When I saw this event was attached to the best
I started planning my tactics when the brackets were set
You know how you wear memorial shirts for your fam’ when they’re dead?
Watch my battle against Human - I was planning ahead!
Your compromised immune system and age got me stressed
I know that’s a tough pill to swallow, prob’ly hard to digest
May this virus claim very few, let God kill the rest
‘Til you’re the last man on Earth still sending Farmville requests
History has shown you’re disrespectful to archives
If you lose, you’re gonna get mad and steal Benji’s hard drive
But this is essential business!
You’re gonna get this work...from home...part-time
Even when everything is upside-down, I’m still grinding...that’s a Dark Slide
So either a rematch with JeFF, or Jables gets slayed
One fat joke, one camera, I still had angles for days
So last thing you’re gonna see is that D over that navy blue
Like, “Marv, rematch - you and me...our next pay-per-view”
[Round 1: Marv Won]
I said yo…
Even though he used two cameras…I’m havin’ a hard time finding a angle to use on LNS
It’s not like I could call him a bum
Y’all saw his shirt last round - this man is hella fresh
He cool as a cucumber, and makes me wonder if he ever stress
I can’t even threaten him with usin’ a hot iron...simply because he is never pressed
He carried the commentaries
It’s obvious that I was second-best
It’s levels to the shit, and the way he did it left us no room to second-guess
But my facial hair is shitting on his
If I think something’s afoot, then you better step
‘Cause his mustache makes him look like he ties bitches to the railroad tracks
Or he sail the seas lookin’ for a treasure chest
You know what? Fuck this quarantine
I literally wrote this over an eggs Florentine
The thought of killin’ my brother had me cryin’ like Nino...or the Jordan meme
The .4 can’t support the beam, so I decided to let the Draco have it
I’m still in the streets pushin’ coke so’s puttin’ raisins in the potato salad
For a cool couple bucks, I can get you a hot zone
Pop chrome
The irony...he gon’ run right back to his killer if I find out that Stalk home (Stockholm)
I’ll give Stalk 10 (Stockton), they gon’ find him all alone
Arm behind the head...somethin’ bang on him like it’s Karl Malone
This is an Afro-Mexican standoff, the heaters palmed
Nigga, release the bomb
I’m in his bushes…’bout to let somethin’ flash through his window like a peeping Tom
I’m extra saucy, your girl gon’ feel it all in her ribs
Bet it all on the kid
I’m the man of my house
Ayo, Dunsh...that’s how you talk to yo’ crib

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